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About The Digital Project Manager

We’re the world’s biggest, baddest collective of digital project managers.

And we share what we know through our articles, podcasts, newsletters, courses, and members community.

In a nutshell

The Digital Project Manager is the definitive resource for professionals looking to deliver impactful projects ahead of the digital curve. Here you’ll find training, community, podcasts, articles, how to guides, tools, and jobs — everything you need to navigate your digital projects.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help the people who lead projects in a digital world get skilled, get confident, and get connected so we can amplify the value of responsible project management in a digital world. Together.

About The Digital Project Manager

Founded by Ben Aston in 2011, The Digital Project Manager has become one of the largest and most credible platforms for digital project management information and thought leadership.


The Digital Project Manager supports the rapidly expanding, global audience of digital project managers and those who manage projects in a digital world.










The DPM Vision

To Elevate the Conversation Surrounding Digital Work, Leadership, and the World of Digital Project Management

There’s loads of general project management knowledge and resources out there in the caverns of the interweb—a lot of it applies to IT or software development but falls short for the rogue, fast-and-loose projects in today’s growing number of digital agencies. The standardized, process-heavy methodologies don’t fit the everyday workings of digital project management—a world in constant flux, where rules are broken as fast as they’re made.

That’s why we created The Digital Project Manager.

Here, we provide specialized digital project management guidance that draws on existing frameworks such as Prince2, SCRUM, and PMP, but that’s engineered to work within the Wild West of digital marketing and communications, particularly in agencies and studios. We empower a community of digital project managers to contribute to the evolving playbook of DPM, sharing their expertise and learning from one another.

Meet Our All-Star Team

Bringing you expertise from every corner of the digital world.


Our Other Project Management Projects

The Digital Project Manager is part of a portfolio of sites by Black & White Zebra, an indie media company on a mission to help people and organizations succeed. Our other project management related projects include: