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Feel The Feels: Why Emotional Literacy Means Healthier Teams (With Matthew Fox)
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Emotionally literate leaders reap the benefits of stronger relationships, which leads to stronger teams. Join Matthew as he walks us through understanding emotions in the workplace and how by feeling a little bit of discomfort can lead to less baggage at the end of the day.

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Matthew Fox
Project Manager, Trainer, and Somatic Coach

As a project manager, trainer, and somatic coach Matthew is passionate about the art and science of engaging others. Matthew's somatic journey began working with Dr. Katie Hendricks and continued with a coaching certification from the Evolutionary Power Institute. His time in Corporate America has infused a sense of professionalism, while his dabbling in theater provides an influx of humor, emotion, and engagement. Matthew's professional background includes a mix of all things digital. He began his career at Discover Card assisting the management of multimillion-dollar projects and eventually moved into digital advertising where he helped major brands such as Whirlpool-Maytag, Philip-Morris, and Earth Hour execute digital campaigns. You can find him managing the development of websites for several smaller organizations, developing WordPress websites, and getting lost to find himself via orienteering in the woods.

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